Poodle curls

The boy and I needed to go to the hairdresser. We did have a problem though. Our hairdresser is having a fair few weekends away this spring and so do we. Continue reading

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We are stil here

But life has thrown us some curveballs and the interesting parts of our life have had to be put on the back burner for a while. However I will be back soonish

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Double dosis

Today’s post is about two wonderful things put together. The first is the hairdresser and hairsalon. Yes we went there again. Continue reading

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Why I love the cold weather

With the cold weather the boy has taken to needing something to wear at night. It is simply too cold. Of course this does not mean flannel PJs but more feminine attire. Continue reading

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Sometimes I get really bemused when reading blogs and various sites. Many men are just so utterly funny without meaning to. Men do puzzle me and I don’t ‘get’ them. Continue reading

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Yes we made it to the hair salon

Finally today we managed to get to the hairsalon. Nothing too major going on there. Really the boy was as per instructions in CB, pink lingerie and with pink nail polish. Continue reading

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The boy had been wearing his CB for a few days without too many issues. Sure his fantasy and imagination on occasion got the better of him. Continue reading

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Way way too long

That refers to the time it has taken me to post a new blog post. Since the last one I have had an insane time at work, including having to travel a lot. Continue reading

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Shop shop

The boy and I needed the go shopping. Boy clothes this time. Continue reading

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busy weekends

The boy and I have been very busy the last two weeks. Mainly with family. Continue reading

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