Perms R us

Due to life-getting-in-the-way reasons, the boy knew what was going to happen at the salon this week. Just as he knows his hair treatment will be next time. It had to be organised this way. The salon appointment after that he does not know nor will he know. That is the one he is dreading. Do I tease him with this future? Of course I do the more the better. So this time the boy knew it was going to be a perm.

Usually I just make an appointment to go to the salon. He does not find out until we are there what will be happening. As the stylist and I tend to talk whilst his is under the hood, this is usually half way through the treatment he gets the picture. I should add that the stylist knows I decide but she has not real idea about the D/s side of things, yet that her behaviour strokes very well with what we like, possibly that is one of the reasons why we keep going there, but I digress.

At the salon the boy was rolled into a perm, as said. He knew the rod size and yet it was still scary. He was rolled up tight. Our stylist, unbeknownst to her, made the most exquisite remark how she liked permrolls to be neat and tight. I thought the boy would die in his chastity belt.

When his perm was finished one stylist asked what I wanted done with him and I answered just dry it with amximum curl. She then turned to the other stylist, and said shaal I just use the blow dryer then? To which she responded; ” he’ll have a frizzle head, you don’t want that do you? Let’s dry him off under the hood first.Boy went beetroot. As we had soem other engagement we needed to attend I decided to not go ahead with the frizzy look ………….. this time.

Oh and funny at work they actually commented on his perm. That is unusual. The lady in question until that moment had thought his curls were natural. She thought it was kinda strange a man perming his hair. He did not explain that he has no choice in the matter.


About Shadowlady

My life is a little unusual. I have my boy and we are two people in a loving, monogamous relationship. With a life involving work, family and friends. But there is an unusual part to us. I like to see my boy in woman’s clothes. We have a D/s relationship. However I am not a bossy, nasty whip wielding leather clad domme. In fact only my shoes are made of leather. I do like T&D, chastity and some kinky play. In my other life I am also a moderator at
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