Poodle curls

The boy and I needed to go to the hairdresser. We did have a problem though. Our hairdresser is having a fair few weekends away this spring and so do we. In the end the best solution was to take a day off and go on a Wednesday. The boy ’s hair was getting really quite long and though it is lovely to see him, it also had become unwieldy and that results in more work in mornings.

When we arrived that morning the stylists and I had a bit of a discussion colour or perm. Taking into account some important family related events in the near future we decided that perm was the best option. I made clear that I wanted smaller rods/curls. Our stylist looked at me and said “I know what you want, but the way you want it is not the best way taking into account his hair. Leave it to me, I’ll make it work.”

Instead of putting him onto rollers immediately she first took the dry, spit ends off and then rolled him onto the same rollers as before. One difference though. She only put very very little hair on every roller. He ended up with at least 50% more rollers than usual. She also to her own sweet time with every step to make sure all hair was well soaked in every solution, specifically the roots. When he was unrolled I was totally amazed by the total poodleness of the boy. Sweet little curls all over his head Really tiny and at the same time totally natural looking. My poodle was back into the shape where I like him to be. The boy admitted to having had a terrible time with the CB during our discussion. I love that.

After the hairdresser we got everything ready for the long weekend. We dragged the cage from the garage to the bedroom and the boy set it up. When I left for the evening to have some time with friends I sent him an email with a small list of things to do for the boy. I was happy to note that he he’d been a good boy and everything was done. He likes it when he is in this head space that I leave him such mails. It enhances the feeling of control and ownership.

One of the things this weekend is that he is wearing his pink flower house pants, that we bought last year, and pink slippers. With this little curls he just looks lovely

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My life is a little unusual. I have my boy and we are two people in a loving, monogamous relationship. With a life involving work, family and friends. But there is an unusual part to us. I like to see my boy in woman’s clothes. We have a D/s relationship. However I am not a bossy, nasty whip wielding leather clad domme. In fact only my shoes are made of leather. I do like T&D, chastity and some kinky play. In my other life I am also a moderator at She-makes-the-rules.com
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